Solid Silver Triple Handprint/Footprint/Fingerprint Keepsake Charms/Pendants

70.00 incl. Vat

Dinky Fingers Solid Silver Keepsake Jewellery is a timeless way to wear your loved ones close to you always.

Made from solid fine silver (99.9% silver purity) these keepsakes are the most unique and beautiful way to keep your loved ones close.

Capturing fingerprints and hand/footprints is completely contactless we will send you details on how to capture your prints once you order.

If you already have prints on white paper, simply send us a photograph and we will use these prints to make your silver (don’t use too much paint when taking prints so that the prints have definition/gaps etc giving them more character).

We can also use prints taken in hospital (we are honoured to have been asked to make numerous Angel baby memorial pieces using the prints taken at the hospital). The prints do not have to be new, we just need to be able to see them as we will enhance and clean them digitally before making the silver.

If you do not already have prints and would like one of our no mess, inkless wipe handprint kits to take the prints, once you have ordered we will send this out to you by post and again, simply send us a photo of the prints once you have done them. This is included in the price.

Fingerprints are taken using just a pencil, Sellotape and a piece of paper. We will send you a video on how to do this it takes just seconds and you can then send us a photo.

Once we receive your order we will email you to confirm how you would like the prints to be taken or if you already have them, and also to confirm shape of item and any writing you would like either on the front or the back.

Once ready we will contact you and you can either collect your items or we will deliver them free of charge.

Memories that last a lifetime!

This item is a Triple Charm/pendant set (each charm approx. 1.2cm x 1.2cm depending on shape) all on a filigree sterling silver charm carrier compatible with Pandora and Chamila bracelets plus more.  


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